'Summer' 24.11.17

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NATION are a four piece Soul/Pop band based in Wellington, New Zealand. 
They deliver a seamless blend of Soul, Pop Funk and Rock in a dynamite live performance, guaranteeing a good time to all who love to dance! 

Featuring huge synths, intricate guitar lines, a funked up rhythm section, and soaring vocals, Nation have taken Wellington by storm with their unique and engaging sonic experience.

Check out UPCOMING SHOWS to catch the band in action, or listen to the band's debut EP 'Nation'.

Vocals, Keyboard / Miharo Gregory
Guitar / Ngarewa Reid
Bass / Dhanesh Parmar
Drums / Marcus Gurtner


Photo by Soul Photography


Photos by Soul Photography

Photos by Lenscraft Media



Please check back soon for details on Nation's upcoming shows!



New Single 'Summer' 24.11.17

Summer is just around the corner!

Our new single 'Summer', off Nation's sophomore EP 'Pop Vulture' will drop on November 24th 2017, check out the sneak peak! in our 'Home' section.