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Nation’s Double Single Release (2019)

These two singles tackle the same issue, with opposite perspectives. ‘Shallows’ addresses the struggles, toils and doubts involved in doing something you love, while looking at the rest of the uphill journey. ‘Bottles’ is from the perspective of looking down the mountain and seeing how far you have come, maybe once in a while it’s worth celebrating the journey, even though it has been filled with highs and lows.

Shallows & Bottles now available on Bandcamp

Art by Steve Johnson. 


Pop Vulture EP (2017)

Nation's sophomore EP was released January 12th 2018.
The seasoned group have produced an eclectic and smooth blend of genres varying from pop to funk, disco, hip-hop and even djent. This EP explores love in its various forms, from toxic love, friendship, jealousy, comparison and romance.

Listen to Pop Vulture below.

'Pop Vulture' now available iTunes, SpotifyGoogle PlayBandcamp, and more!

Art by Hannah Hageraats.


Nation EP (2015)

Nation's debut self-titled extended play is an expressive eruption of soul, funk, and rock. Groove drips from the solid foundation of drums and bass while intricate guitar lines satisfyingly fill every crafted space. Synths and keyboards give an ode to heroes of the 80's reminiscent of Prince and Bowie while Miharo's own vocals soar above the textural sonic canvas to bring you messages on love, corruption, self-reflection and consumerism.

Out now on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and more!

Art by Steph McCarthy.


Top header photo by Bradley Garner of BG Creative.